Social media advertising


  • Advertising on Facebook
  • Advertising on Google
  • Advertising on Youtube
  • Advertising on Twitter

Branding and increasing sales for your business by reaching millions of customers online on social networks. You should set aside a daily budget for advertising. Learn more types of advertising on social networks.


1. Consult for the appropriate service pack

We will advise the advertising package in accordance with needs. From there help you decide the budget, time and scope of advertising.

2. Implement the advertising campaign

We will create appropriate content based on the information and images that you provide, optimize advertising content to be suitable for different customers. After you approve the advertising content, we will run the ads.

3. Monitor and optimize the advertising campaigns

We will monitor the operation of the advertising campaign through the indicators of the number of people visiting, the number of people interacting, the number of people commenting on ads…
Adjust and optimize more ad templates and localize new customers. Can adjust the content to refresh the campaign during its run, however, percentage (%) of the changed content should not exceed 30% of the original content.

4. Report and evaluate the effectiveness

We will send detailed reports by week / month / quarter to you or any time you request. The results of these reports will help you know useful information such as the amount spent on advertising, the number of ad impressions, the number of interactions, the visitor’s actions during the visit, the territory, number of comments, shares, etc.


After we receive your registration information for advertising services. We will contact you to advise or exchange the necessary information about advertising campaigns.

You need to send us advertising information. For example: Photos, Posts or Video. (We will advise if you do not already have the above information).

Time for your advertising to be approved is from 4-24 hours.


Advertising Packages Service Fee Report
≤ $100.00 $22.50 Weekly
≥ $101.00 20 % Weekly
≥ $150.00 15 % Weekly
≥ $2500.00 10 % Weekly
≥ $5000.00 7 % Weekly

Service fee of 7% -15% applies for budget ≥ $150.00 and you must have a Visa Credit or MasterCard Credit card.
– Advertising budgets are cumulative, the more advertising % the lower the service fee.


Please follow the instructions below to register or contact us for assistance.